Our Guarantee


All Home Labor Pro’s in our network guarantee in writing to provide a one year service warranty on any product purchased and/ or installed. Our professional network is required to be in good standing with their local, state, and federal requirements. We require a Certificate of Good Standing assigned by the state the pro operates, if the state requires it. We also require pros to provide a current copy of minimum $300,000 in liability insurance policy. We verify all these documents upon registration. We are committed to providing confidence and expertise in the Home Labor Pro’s exclusive network of contractors and product savings.



We guarantee a free customer lead credit every time you refer one of your current customers, or anyone with a project through our referral page. We guarantee to verify the address, the phone number and the email before accepting customer into our network. Leads can be redeemed at the rate that they are received. We don’t guarantee how fast a free lead will come, but we guarantee that a credit can be used to purchase a lead, making it no cost to you.